Pizza Elitist

by Formanegas

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released February 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Formanegas Florida

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Track Name: Pizza Elitist
We've been ordering here every fucking week
And it always tastes like shit
I'm going to start respecting my taste buds and my pizza values
My Twitter pizza posse is a family
With a mutual understanding to protect loved ones
From Pizza Butt, Papa Con's, Domiblows
Let us vow to only eat pizza when it's true pizza
And declare a war on all pizza that is false
I'm going to become a pizza elitist

Fuck this shitty pizza, can't take it anymore
I won't eat any pizza, i'm not a pizza whore
Pizza with cheese that looks like glue hardened
It only takes one bite to make my dick soften

Be a pizza elitist
Have no shame
Support your locals
Say no to chains

We two step our sweat mixes with the pizza grease
Our hair is oily like the pizza we love to eat
Bring your dankest nugs and join our pizza dance
But don't bring home Domino's or we'll pull down your pants

You want to order from pizza hut? What the fuck?
Don't give into quantity for quality that sucks
We respect our bodies, pizza is a sacrifice
We make an exception cause it tastes real nice