We Can Kill Ourselves Another Day

by Formanegas

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released December 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Formanegas Florida

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Track Name: I Wrote These Poems
I wrote these poems for my niggas
who have ever felt hopeless and depressed
who were feeling low without the support of good bros
Googling ways to kill yourself with no one to send the note

so you address it to yourself
you write "I have no one else"
Today's even a shitty day for my death
Even today's too shitty for my death
Did you even live your dream?
Just be happy they say
or "I don't get why you feel this way"

And it wasn't that I wasn't trying to snap out
All that time I never thought to blame myself

How I view the world won''t change in one day
Depression is a part of me and it's gonna wanna stay
Committed to sadness like many couples today
I Didn't know life in any other way--but i try to smile everyday

We are alive
Go get them feels
Hash tag staying alive
Slam your body pillow
Make art; have fun being sad
Do it for ya niggas
So celebrate sadness with a smile
and sip on this hope
Track Name: Starting Over
The address of our homes can't always be the same
Our friends and family are only here today
You'll be 'friends' forever
but you'll soon fade away
Try not to cry, life is going to be forever
filled with goodbyes
since we were kids moving spelled impending doom
Your friends would give you notes and cry
and say they'll see you soon
you'll become a memory
a part of their history and they'll be a part of your own
Track Name: They Feel Just Like Us
I know we're not alone
Silent rooms not too far from our own
I know they feel just like us
Lost, alone; out of touch
Safe, but not from ourselves
And we would never know
As we learn to never show
Those emotions will never grow
Beyond sadness and sorrow
Track Name: I Miss You so Fucking Much
I am okay now I think
I don't hate you
(I don't know what to do)
I shouldn't talk to you
but I miss you so fucking much